Sunday, May 31, 2009

Free Landscape & Garden Design Programs

My backyard needs a serious makeover. I'm not one of those people who can visualize something; I need to see it drawn out - which I'm no good at either. So here's some free landscape & garden design programs I found online.

Better Homes and Gardens offers plan-a-garden. You have to register as an online member, but it's quick and easy. The program is pretty basic and limited, but it works well for planning simple layouts. The website also offers free garden plans and other helpful tips and ideas.

Gardener's Supply Company offers a simple Free Garden Design Planner that is a must have when planning your vegetable garden layout. This website also offers valuable free advice on planting and care. 

A more elaborate program is the Showoff Free Landscape & Outdoor Living Software. You can upload your own photo, select your region's hardiness zone to see plants that grow in your area and more. You do need to register and install the free software. The program does have it's limitations, and of course you can get more functions if you pay to upgrade. The free version is fine in my opinion.

There's an app for that. iScape Free Landscape Design app gives you the opportunity to test drive the paid version at no charge. Take a picture or upload your own photo from your photo library. Use the tools to add grass, pavers, flowers, trees, walkways, patio furniture, etc. You can save and share your design via Facebook, email or print.

For designing decks, here is a Free Deck Designer from Lowes. also offers a Free Deck Designer and Free Deck Plans. You must register at these sites first.

Well I hope you find these as helpful as I did. Now if you know of anyone willing to do the actual labor of putting in the landscape or building a new deck for free, you let me know ok?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links.

Pam said...

Great resources Cindy; thanks for these!

Cheap Cindy said...

your welcome for the links, now are you sure you don't know of any free labor? lol

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