Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kids Eat Free Restaurants

Times are tough and more restaurants are offering Kids Eat Free nights to get your business. Here are some ways to find these offers:

Keep an eye out in your area for signs posted at your local restaurants. Other ways this might be advertised is inside of the restaurants, on the menu, in newspapers or other advertisements or online through the restaurant's or other web sites.

Look for online resources where you can search for places in your area with kids eat free nights. These will tell you what offers are available on specific days of the week, etc. Some examples of websites you can use are:

Some nationwide chains currently offering kids eat free promotions are:

Another way to find free kids meal offers is to find out if the restaurants you frequent have a kids club you can sign up for. These normally offer free birthday meals or other discounts.

Be aware, if you find a national listing for a restaurant chain advertising kids eat free nights, it is up to each individual restaurant whether or not they want to participate. Always check first with the restaurants in your area. It is likely you will be required to purchase an adult meal to get the free kids meal. Check with each restaurant for their restrictions and requirements.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Make Some Extra Money

Here are some ideas on how to make a little extra money:

Participate in Surveys or Focus Groups. Surveys are usually done online. Focus Groups tend to be in person.

Some examples of websites where you can sign up for surveys are:

  • Opinion Outpost Surveys are paid in points which can be redeemed for cash once you meet the minimum cash out amount
  • ClickIQ e/visor Panel Surveys are paid in points which can be redeemed for cash once you meet the minimum cash out amount
  • SurveySpot Some surveys are cash rewards, some are rewarded with entries into sweepstakes. Minimum cash out amount is $5
  • MySurvey Surveys are paid in points which can be redeemed for cash once you meet the minimum cash out amount
  • Esearch pays in cash to your Paypal account
  • e-Rewards you can redeem rewards for misc. items and discounts
  • HCD Surveys Surveys are paid in points which can be redeemed for cash once you reach the minimum cash amount - currently $10

These are just some that I have used. No, you will not get rich, but if you've got some spare time you might make a few extra bucks. You can find a lot of people discussing various reward and survey programs here: BigBigForums

Focus Groups tend to pay better than survey sites. Usually $25 - $100 for a few hours. You usually have to travel to where the focus group is being held, but some do take place online. You can find out what Focus Groups are in your area by checking these websites:

If taking surveys and sitting through Focus Groups isn't your idea of fun, consider making some extra cash doing something you enjoy. Maybe you can turn your hobby into cash. Are you into photography? There are places you can sell your photos such as:

Do you like to write? Sell short stories, articles and other "fillers" to magazines, newspapers and websites. There is a great article on how and where to sell fillers here:

You can also get paid for writing articles on eHow and .

See examples by viewing my eHow articles here .

Are you crafty? You can sell your wares on ebay, at local craft fairs and holiday bazaars or on the website Etsy .

Other ideas for making extra money:

  • Get a part time job. Consider delivering pizzas on weekends - the tips are good and you'll likely get free food as well.
  • Be a sign waver or sign placer. Check with your local new housing developments, as many hire people on weekends to "wave" signs directing people to their developments or to put out and take down signs along the roadway.
  • Charge people to walk their dogs, pet sit or pick up dog droppings in their yards.
  • Have any skills? Teach a class on your favorite craft or hobby, a language, how to sell on ebay, or coach a sport. Charge to make a website or teach computer skills.
  • Have a large piece of land? Rent out space for people to store their Boats, RV's, etc. Rent out areas people can use to grow their own gardens.
  • Have a large house? Rent out a room or host a foreign exchange student.
  • Sell your stuff on ebay or craigslist (see my post "Turn Your Trash Into Cash").
  • Sell your blood plasma or consider participating in clinical studies.

Finally, check to see if your owed money. See my eHow article here:

How to Use Free Sources To Find Money, Unclaimed Property, Refunds and More

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free Stuff on Your Birthday from Over 100 Places!

You say it's your birthday? There are several places that will give you free stuff in honor of your big day. Here are over 100 restaurants and more where you can get free stuff on your birthday - and several places that give you free stuff just for signing up - so what are you waiting for?

***Updated 3/22/2017***

Sign up in advance as some of the free birthday stuff offers are mailed to your physical address. Be aware that by signing up you are agreeing to receive ongoing emails from these companies. (Which can be a good thing, since many send coupons and other free stuff offers year round!) Check with specific restaurants in your area to make sure they are participating in these free birthday offers.
This list will be updated frequently - so check back often.
Happy Birthday!
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