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Sell your hair and make money

Got hair to spare? If you're willing to part it - oops, I mean part with it - and could use some extra cash, learn how to sell your hair.

This is a serious business that can fetch serious money. One of the top human hair markets claims a seller sold her 45" long virgin locks for $6500!! Crazy, right? Can I sell my hair? Here's what I found

The basics:

 When you sell your hair most buyers use it to make human hair wigs or extensions. Human hair can also be used to make eyelashes, eyebrows, beards, doll hair, art and more. Word is there's also a high demand in certain fetish industries for human hair. I'll leave it at that.

Buyers mostly want healthy virgin hair. This means when you sell your hair it should be in excellent condition, not chemically processed by perms or dyes and with limited exposure to damaging heat from hair dryers and styling tools. Healthy hair also requires a healthy host. Most hair buyers will want to know the smoking, drinking and maybe even eating habits of the hair owner. (Some buyers will buy non virgin, treated hair at a lower price.)

Longer is usually better. Most places buying hair require it to be 10 inches or longer in length. Some places will buy shorter hair, even under 5 inches.

Selling children's hair can sometimes be more profitable, as fewer people sell children's hair and the chances of it being virgin, undamaged hair are greater.

Hair color, texture, sheen and other factors can impact the prices paid. Red hair is currently at a premium, fetching upwards of $80 per inch! Buyers may have a preference for how the hair is to be cut when purchased, some even offering more money to see the haircut process on film. Don't cut it before you have a solid deal to sell your hair.

Have good photos of your hair available and a detailed description of how it has been cared for. Be honest. Hair buyers are experts at detecting damaged hair.

Where to sell your hair:

The most popular option is to sell your hair online. Several companies specialize in buying and selling hair all over the world.

buyandsellhair.com claims to be the number one human hair marketplace. It basically offers classified ads for sellers and buyers of human hair. You simply place the ad on their website for a one time listing fee (currently $14.50 for 3 months). They take no commission on sales.

HairSellon.com is another popular place to sell your hair online and make money. Register on the site and choose your ad option (currently starting at $15 for a standard 60 day ad). They offer a handy Hair Price Calculator if you need help determining a price to sell your hair.

OnlineHairAffair.com offers classified style listings of hair for sale starting at $10 for a 31 day ad.

You may also want to try selling your hair on ebay.

Sell hair locally

Some of you may be asking, "where can I sell me hair locally?" Well, this answer is going to vary depending on your location. Here are some ideas:

Place a local ad on Craigslist. This is an easy option and it's free. Woop, woop!

Other options include asking around locally at hair salons, wig shops and beauty schools. Put the word out there.

If you do decide to sell your hair, know the terms and conditions of the buyer and outlet you are using to sell your hair and always use caution.

Photo credit: FreeImages.com/Gerla Brakkee

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