Monday, November 24, 2008

How To Save Money Shopping For Gifts This Christmas

Here are some shopping tips for discount gift giving this Christmas:

First of all, make a Christmas shopping budget and stick to it. Have a plan for all the gifts you are buying and how much they will cost.

Shopping for Christmas gifts on sale is a great way to save some money. Many stores are starting their Christmas sales early this year so you may find some good gifts this way.

Shopping online may save you not only time, but money as well. Check with discount web sites such as and even ebay. Also consider looking for Christmas gifts on Craigslist as many people have brand new items they could be selling at a great discount.

If you have any discount stores in your area it may be a good idea to see what Christmas shopping you can do there . Dollar stores, grocery outlets, and surplus stores such as Big Lots are full of gift ideas and smaller items you can put together to create a gift basket.

Look around at what you already have. Use a basket you might already have to fill with items and give as a Christmas gift. Make copies of photos and put together an album for friends or family.

If you're crafty make gifts or if you're a good cook give home made food items as Christmas gifts.

Give the gift of time. Take elderly people shopping, on errands or just out for the day. Take the neighbors trash to the curb and back for a month, offer to do yard work or walk and pick up after their pets. A great Christmas gift for those who have kids is to offer to babysit. Not only are these gifts appreciated, but you don't have to go shopping and it's pretty much free.

Christmas shouldn't be about money and gifts. Just enjoy spending time with family and friends.

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