Friday, April 10, 2009

Do You Swap & Barter?

I have to say I'm loving this new "old" idea of swapping and bartering as a way to get goods and services. Remember watching Little House on The Prairie and seeing Ma Ingalls trading eggs for goods at the Oleson Mercantile? Well, that practice of using alternative items in place of money as a way to buy stuff seems to be making a strong comeback.

I don't think places such as Walmart will be jumping on the swap train anytime soon, but several smaller businesses are using this practice. I've seen businesses trading with other businesses as well as with consumers. A recent browse through the Craigslist barter section revealed several ads with titles such as "Auto Repair for ?", "Trade Home Remodel for Web Site Building Skills", "Graphic Sign Work in Exchange for T-Shirt Press", and so on.

Even more popular is the trading going on between everyday people. I recently traded some used Elmo character Christmas lights for postage stamps. The possibilities are endless. My junk for your junk - what could be better? Plus, this is a great way to recycle. I even started following a blog I stumbled across: The Craigslist Experiment where a guy is using an item he found for free on Craigslist and is bartering his way up to bigger and better items. You go Trevor!

Besides Craigslist, there are several web sites popping up that help people wanting to exchange goods. You can find several sites discussed in this article: How to Barter. Another way to trade stuff is the Swap Party . A way to get free stuff and party? I'm there!

Entire communities are getting involved. You can use the website to look for a Clothing Swap Meetup Group near you. Search this site for other kinds of Swap Groups, or look in your local community newspaper for swap events.

Having trouble selling your home? Swap it! People are swapping homes, cars, boats, RVs and more on sites such as . Now, that's serious swapping.

So do any of you Swap & Barter? I'd love to hear about it.

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Servant said...

I'm getting in on that too. I also love how it hearkens back to a more simple way of living.