Saturday, August 29, 2009

Free Famous Dave's for Daves

Is your name Dave? Well you're in luck because that's enough to qualify you for free food at Famous Dave's Restaurants in honor of Dave's Day.

Dave's Day is officially August 30, 2009 at participating Famous Dave's locations. If your name is Dave, David, or Davy you can get a free entree valued up to $15. If your middle name is Dave, David or Davy you can get a entree for half price, up to $7.50. Valid only at participating locations.

Now here is the confusing part - so pay attention. Although Dave's Day is officially August 30, many of the participating restaurants are running this promotion on days other than August 30. Still with me? For example, many California Famous Dave's will honor Dave's Day on August 31 and Western Washington participating restaurants will honor Dave's Day on September 8. Got that? Ok. So be sure to check what day Famous Dave's Restaurants in your area are participating.

Not a Dave? You can still take advantage of some discounts. For the Famous Dave's 15th Birthday Bash there will be special offers such as "Buck-a-Bone" spareribs and beer specials. Offers vary by location, so check with your local Famous Dave's to see what they offer.

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