Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Black Friday Ads 2009

Are you among the bargain hunters eagerly waiting to see the Black Friday ads? Do you get a thrill from getting up at 2 am, standing outside in frigid temperatures in a line that stretches on for miles? Do you like fighting off an angry mob of people as you grab that last must-have-item-for-Christmas from the store shelf? Then you might appreciate this information.

Lowes is offering customers a Black Friday Sneak Peek online. You can see some of the items that will be offered in the Lowes Black Friday ads. The online sneak peek is updated every few days, so keep checking back. The sale prices will be valid Nov. 26 - Nov. 30, 2009.

A great source for finding Black Friday ads is The Master Index of Black Friday Ads (2009 Edition) found on SlickDeals.net. There is also a general forum discussion thread for Black Friday 2009 where you'll find Black Friday addicts such as yourself talking about the upcoming ads, speculating on this year's hot items, giving and getting tips for the best Black Friday shopping strategies and more.

So get some sleep now, cause Black Friday is coming soon!

photo: shlomaster, sxc.hu


2009 Black Friday Ads said...

It's hard to believe that Black Friday is just around the corner. The time has come by so quickly. We are less than a month away and shopping is already on the minds of many of us. Major retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Kmart, Target, Amazon, Ace, Apple, JC Penney's and more will be having their sales and you don't want to miss out on what they can offer.

Tom said...

Black Friday came 3 weeks early this year. A new site I'm using http://www.BlackFridayAds2009.info is posting the early deals plus the Black Friday ads plus has a section for online deals available now.