Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Photo Fun with Yearbook Yourself 2010

Ahhhh, flashback to 1982...or 1958...or whatever decade you want. Yearbook Yourself is now live online for 2010, so get on over there for some free photo fun!

Upload photos of yourself and your friends and create fun photos through the decades.

Create individual photos or upload several photos to make group shots. Never made the cheerleading squad? Well, now you can create your own fake school history and pretend you did. Hurry, Yearbook Yourself 2010 might only be available for a limited time.

"The Webby Award winning Yearbook Yourself is back and better than ever. One of last year’s hottest sites has been revisited, revamped and is ready to blast you into the past. With a new Student Life section to upload pics of you and your friends into great group shots, and a killer iPhone App to relive the glory days on the go. It’s the most fun you’ve had since skipping algebra class."

Looking for more free photo fun? Find free photo editing programs to change and morph your pictures by reading: How to Edit Photos Free Online & Morph Pictures or get free online makeovers: How to Find Free Online Makeover & Hairstyles Using Your Own Photo.

Have fun!

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photo: created at yearbookyourself.com

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