Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Free Antivirus Software & More!

I hate paying for antivirus software and spyware protection, so I did my homework and came up with several free options found online. You can read all about them here:

Now that your computer is healthy, here's some free stuff that's good for you:

Sign up to receive a coupon for a Free Attune Probiotic Bar for digestion health

For a cleaner, fresher feeling bum, try a free sample of Cottonelle Toilet Paper & Flushable Moist Wipes from Walmart

Manage your blood sugar with a Free Box of Glucerna Cereal. Call 1-877-879-4857 to request your coupon good for one box of Glucerna Cereal valued up to $5. (I found this product at my local Walmart near the Pharmacy, not in the grocery aisle.)

So stay healthy and virus free - Cheap Cindy

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