Friday, March 13, 2009

Lucky You! Free Undies, Cream of Wheat, Oprah eBook and Language Lessons

Happy Friday 13th! Here are some free stuff offers to make you feel lucky:

Everyone needs a lucky pair of underwear, so get some Free Undies : Sign up for the aerie a-list and print your coupon for a free undie, good till 3/18, only at aerie stores

Try Cream of Wheat again FREE : Fill out the online form for your free sample. How is this lucky? Well, if you've never tried Cream of Wheat this is your chance to do it for free, if you don't like it consider yourself lucky you didn't waste money buying it.

Change the way you think and maybe you'll change your luck. Oprah is offering a Free eBook download of The Difference by Jean Chatzky: Must be an member - sign up is easy and free, offer expires 10:59am ET 3/14 so hurry!

Get the luck of the Irish: Rosetta Stone invites consumers to get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit and brush up on their brogue by offering a Free trial of Irish (Gaelic) on through 3/19

Haven't had any luck finding a job? Maybe adding a new skill to your resume will help. Learning a new language is a great way to boost your skills, and you can do it for free. See my articles:

Free Language Lessons Online

Have a lucky weekend fellow cheapskates! - Cheap Cindy

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kasandria said...

Love your blog! Clicked some links for you.