Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Language Lessons Online

No puedo hablar Espanol. Can you? Well maybe we can learn with these free language lessons online.

Use the free language lessons listed on the Open Culture website. These are links to iTunes feeds and Podcasts that teach several different languages including French, Japanese, Spanish and many others. Lessons range from beginner to advanced. This website is regularly updated with the best language resources found online.

Learn at your own pace using the free Social Language Learning Programs on the websites LiveMocha, Busuu or Lang-8. Here you can connect with other people from around the world and practice language exercises with native speakers. Join the communities, use the online lessons and have fun.

Word2Word: This website has links to several free online language courses. They vary in quality and quantity.

WordReference.com: Free online translation dictionaries along with an online forum where you can seek advice. Also has online tools and capabilities you can use with an iphone or ipod to learn a language for free.

For quick simple lessons, consider using YouTube.com. Search for the language you are interested in learning and you will find lots of helpful short videos.

Adios! - Cheap Cindy

photo: sundstrom, sxc.hu

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