Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Save Money Buying Produce in Season

Buying local produce that's in season is a great way to save money. Not to mention that it tastes better and lasts longer than something that's been trucked into your supermarket.

I'm thrilled the local produce stands are starting to fill up with fruits and veggies. Last month I was disappointed to find that the local crops hadn't produced much. That sent me on an online quest to find out how to know what fruits and vegetables are in season. Here are some useful web sites I found:

For a simple online tool to find out what produce is in season in your area, I suggest the one provided online by the National Resources Defense Council. Select your state, select your season and you're good to go. You can also follow the link to Local Harvest to find Farmer's Markets near you.

PickYourOwn.org is full of information. You can locate U-pick farms in your local area and get details including hours, location, phone numbers, maps, visitors reviews and sometimes a link to the farm's website. This is hands down the biggest listing of farms I found in my area, it even listed roadside "honor systems".

The website also includes picking tips and instructions on canning, freezing, making jam and more. I hope to use some of that information in the near future.

They have a crop availability calendar that I find it a bit confusing, but all the other great information makes this website a keeper.

Well, I hope you find these resources as useful as I do. Until next time - Cheap Cindy
photo: scol22, sxc.hu

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