Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Free eBook - Dedicated to Lindsey Baum, Missing since 6/26/09

Her name is Lindsey...

These are the words that I see each day when I check the forum on a website I write articles on called On the morning of 6/27/09 a fellow writer posted that a friend of her daughter's never made it home the night before. I check this thread each day, hoping she has been found. She hasn't.

Lindsey Baum was last seen walking home from her friend's house in McCleary, WA around 9:15 pm on the evening if 6/26/09. She was 10 years old at the time of her disappearance. (She turned 11 on 7/7/09.)

More about the case and contact information can be found on and

The case has grasped the hearts of many of the writers on and together they have published a free eBook: A Missing Child is Everyone's Child, which is dedicated to Lindsey Baum. The book contains several useful articles such as how to keep your child safe, how to report a missing child, useful tips and information.

Lindsey comes from a very small town with limited resources. Anyone can help by just getting Lindsey's story out to more people. This is free to do and only takes a few minutes. You can contact media asking them to air her story, post links to the and websites to your Facebook or MySpace pages, tweet about it on Twitter, email the story to people you know.

Here is a video someone was kind enough to put on YouTube: Missing: Lindsey Baum

Don't let this end up as a cold case. Someone out there knows something, and all it takes is that one piece of information that will help to bring Lindsey home.

Thank you - Cheap Cindy


Unknown said...

As one of "the" eHow writers for this ebook, I thank you sincerely for posting about it here.

Cheap Cindy said...

your welcome Shirley, let's bring Lindsey home