Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Beach Decor on a Budget

After moving close to the ocean a few years ago I wanted to decorate our rented condo in a beach decor theme but didn't have a lot of money. Fortunately, this type of decor can easily be done with found objects, a little searching and some creativity. There are many ways to do beach decor on a budget.

Living close to the beach can provide a wealth of "found objects" to use for decorating. Seashells, driftwood, sand, items washed up on shore with a natural beachy look after being tattered and worn from sea and sun. These objects can be great by themselves or used to create simple decor items. Pinterest is a gold mine for ideas for making beach decor on a budget. These are some of the pins I've saved on my own Pinterest board: Coastal Decorating.

Here are a few simple inexpensive things I've created:

Just shells, sand and driftwood put into various glass containers. Cheap and easy!

 Another thing I decorate with beach finds is an old glass window from the house I grew up in.

A great idea is adding a shelf to an old widow, as seen at Just Call Me Homegirl

If you don't have access to found items to use, there are cheap resources out there for beach decor on a budget. Amazon has been my go to and I've practically decorated my entire place from it, furniture and all. Some of the things I've bought:

Shells, shells and more shells! I can never have enough and they're cheap!

Starfish - I LOVE these for beach decor and they're around $1 each! You can see where I used them in my bathroom here:

I also used this awesome Faux Wood Self Stick Wallpaper on the drawer fronts and the top of the mirror. With the leftover paper I covered empty shoe boxes to use as beachy look storage.

Another way to create beach decor on a budget is to use your own photos as art. Simply have photos blown up and framed. You can find cheap photo enlarging at most drugstores, office supply store and online. I had some photos on my phone enlarged from MailPix and bought cheap matted frames on Amazon.

If you don't like your own photos look for free photos online you can have printed out, such as these Free Beach Pictures from Pexels.

Another beach decor option to frame are these adorable Free Beach Art Printables from Growing Play

You could certainly incorporate these ideas for any decor type. Have fun decorating and stay cheap!

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