Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The best cash back apps

There are so many apps these days for saving and making money. In the next few posts I will discuss my experiences with the apps I've tried and which ones I recommend.

First, the best cash back apps. If you are not familiar with these, they give you a percentage back in cash on the total amount of your purchase. I always check with my cash back apps before I do any shopping. The stores, percentage of cash back and terms vary from each cash back company.

Cash back apps for retail shopping:

  • Ebates My #1 go to app for cash back is Ebates. I've been an Ebates user for many years and it only keeps getting better. I have the app installed on my phone but also have it on my laptop so I can shop online and easily use it on both devices. Ebates has also added in store shopping for cash back, which I love.
 Ebates frequently offers double cash back promos and also lists specials, sales and money saving promo codes for each store in addition to the cash back

On top of all that goodness, Ebates has a referral program that currently gives you $25 for every friend you refer once they spend $25, plus your friend gets $10! The referral program amounts change periodically but it's always been one of the best I've used.
If you're not signed up for Ebates yet, please consider signing up with my referral link (Thank you!)

Other cash back apps for general shopping I recommend:

  • TopCashBack  this is very similar to Ebates but not quite as user friendly in my opinion. They are currently offering a great referral rate of $10 for every friend that signs up. You can sign up with me at TopCashBack.
  • BeFrugal another cash back site similar to the ones above. This one currently offers $10 for you and $10 for each friend you sign up. Please use my BeFrugal link to sign up.
  • Drop this app is no frills, set it and forget it. You link your credit cards and choose your favorite places you commonly use and automatically earn points every time you make a purchase. There aren't a ton of stores at this point but they do offer many popular places such as Starbucks, Target, Lyft etc. If you use these places often this can be worth your while. Once the points add up to a certain amount you can cash them in for gift cards. You probably won't make a lot of money but it's easy and effortless so why not? I've been averaging a $10 gift card per month so far and I've only been using it maybe three months. 
 Drop currently offers a referral bonus of 1,000 points (worth $1) for every friend you refer that signs up. Please consider signing up with my referral code r102t at Drop.

There are many other shopping cash back apps out there, but I've found these work best for me. You can compare who is offering the best cash back rates at CashBackMonitor with their reward comparison tool.

Cash back grocery apps:

  • Ibotta this is my favorite cash back app for groceries but they do have some general shopping cash back too so always check what they offer. You choose offers you want and select which store you'll be shopping at. Some of the cash back offers can be done mobile, others are done in store and you scan or upload your receipt to get your cash back. If you buy alcohol at grocery, drug stores, gas stations, liquor stores etc. this can be a big money saver, as they offer many cash back offers on beer, wine and bottles of alcohol. The average cash back offer for these are $1 - $5 per item. Groceries are usually less, but add up. Ibotta offers frequent bonuses worth several dollars which can add up quickly.
 Ibotta also has a current referral program starting at $5 per friend you refer that signs up. This amount goes up with the more friends you refer,plus your friend gets a $10 bonus when they use         your referral code. Get $10 when you sign up with my Ibotta referral code hrkcskc now.

  • Checkout51 another app similar to Ibotta but you can use the cash back offers at any store. I've just recently signed up for this app but it seems pretty good so far. From what I understand, they currently pay by check, which is a little inconvenient. There is also no referral program or sign up bonus I am aware of at this time.
  • SavingStar similar to the apps above. No referral or sign up bonus that I'm aware of at this time.
These are the cash back grocery apps I currently use and recommend. I will add more to this list if I think they're worthwhile. 

Stay cheap & happy shopping!

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