Sunday, January 25, 2009

Did Someone Say FREE Coffee?


Is it just me, or is everyone craving more coffee these days? Maybe it's the extra cold weather where I am, or it could just be the caffeine addiction's getting stronger. Whatever it is I've been hunting down free coffee offers to help with my fix and here's what I've found:

Seattle's Best Coffee Purchase a beverage and receive a free pastry or second beverage with coupon

Dunkin' Donuts Sign up to receive a free coffee sample by mail

Peet's Coffee Get your friends to sign up for the Peet's newsletter and they get a free drink (Well I've always heard you should be your own best friend, maybe I can sign myself up)

Tully's Free beverage with purchase of another beverage if you sign up for their email club. Will also send you an email for a free drink on your birthday

Biggby's Sign up for E-wards and they will send you coupons by email each week. They will also give you a special treat on your birthday

Hopefully we can get some free coffee from these offers. I don't know about you, but trying to re-brew using yesterday's coffee grounds just isn't working for me.

Here's more cheap coffee tips:

For those times when you can't afford to go out for fancy coffee but you want to pretend that you can, here are some recipes:

How To Make A Ghetto Latte

How To Make A Poor Man's Mocha

And if you want free coffee everyday maybe you can open your own coffee shop:

How To Start An Independent Coffee Shop

Till next time - Cheap Cindy

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Anonymous said...

I came across your blog link at WAHM and and have been enjoying reading it. So I'd like to pass alog the Lemonade Award to you. Stop over at my blog to collect your award! Thanks for all the free coffee links!