Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eating Out Cheap - Half Price Or Less

I like to eat out at restaurants. If you ever tasted my cooking you'd understand why. Plus I can enjoy not having to clean up the mess afterwords, and I don't have to stare at a drooling dog while eating.
So, being cheap and all, I am always looking for coupons and special restaurant offers. I've found some pretty good deals too. Paying half price or less at a reasonably priced restaurant is a good deal in my book. is where I find some of these deals. For example now through Jan. 31st you can get $25 restaurant gift certificates for $3 using the promotional code SUPER at checkout. Each restaurant has it's own terms and conditions about using these gift certificates. The restaurant I like to use this for has a minimum purchase of $35 to use this gift certificate. That means I'll being paying $13 for $35 worth of food (tax and tip not included). I'll get about 3 meals out of this, so I chalk that up to a good deal. See what's in your area here:

Another way to get discounted restaurant gift certificates is through your local radio and television stations. Seriously. These are usually sold at half of face value, but recently I found some of these were even cheaper. You can find out more about this here:
And don't forget about getting free food on your birthday! Sign up for a ton of birthday freebies here:
Eat up! - Cheap Cindy

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