Saturday, January 10, 2009

Watching Free Movies Online - Legally

In this depressing economy we need all the free entertainment possible, and the internet is full of free entertainment. Yes it is tempting to watch all those newly released movies online, but that little voice in your head keeps telling you that it's wrong and frankly not legal.

Well you can tell the little voice to take a breather. There are hundreds of free movies you can watch online legally. Okay, so you won't see any new releases but there is stuff worth watching. If you're a classic movie buff you'll find a plethora of free flicks. If you're not a classic movie fan maybe you'll become one.
See the link to my article below for more information on this topic and the websites with free legal movies:



Anonymous said...

The link does not work.


Cheap Cindy said...

Yikes! - Thanks Reuben, the link has been fixed.

Anonymous said...

free movies here

Anonymous said...

I am not a movie watcher but my husband does this sometimes. Free is always good!