Friday, February 5, 2010

Get $100,000 to Live Off Groupon for a Year

Could I live off of Groupon for a year for $100,000? You bet! How about you? Check out the latest promo from Groupon:

"First, say goodbye to your routine, your apartment, and your signed photo of Elvis punching Nixon. You’ll end your lease and put your stuff in storage. You’ll close your bank account, cut up your credit cards, and put your money in escrow. You’ll have nothing but a stack of Groupons and a suit of clothes made from Groupons.

We’ll give you a camera, phone, GPS, and computer to document your experience. We’ll expect you to blog most days. We’ll also give you unlimited Groupons in any of our 30 cities, including Groupons for lodging and transportation and special Groupons for cities that don’t exist yet.

If you last a year without breaking the rules, we’ll give you $100,000.

Your application must include the following:
-A 90 second video introducing yourself (provide YouTube link)
-A 400 – 500 word essay on why you think we should choose you to live off
Groupons for a year.
-Visit a featured
Groupon business and write a short essay about your experience; videotape yourself speaking with an employee or customer you don't know."

Only one lucky person will be chosen. Deadline to apply is Feb. 24, 2010. See more about the promotion here.

To the folks at Groupon: I'm your girl. Come and get me.

If your not already a Groupon groupie, chances are your missing out on some incredible discounts in your city! You can sign up for Groupon here.

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