Sunday, January 24, 2010

Find Haircut Coupons Great Clips, HairMasters, Fantastic Sams and More!

Looking for haircut coupons? Many hair salons offer printable coupons or other discounts. Here are some ways to get coupons for several national hair salon chains and franchises:

If you don't see your favorite hair salon listed just do a search online to see if they have a website or Facebook page and check it for coupons and promotions.

See if your salon offers any other discounts. Many salons offer "frequent buyer cards", in the form of a punch card or stamp card, where they give you a free haircut or discount after a certain number of visits. Some salons also offer a discount on gift cards or pre-paid cards.

During the holidays my local Great Clips was offering a $50 gift cards for $40 plus a free haircut just for purchasing the gift card. These types of deals are great because you can use the discounted gift card to pay for your own future haircuts and combine them with coupons and other offers.

Other good places to check for hair salon and haircut coupons are your local coupon mailer. in addition to the coupons you may receive in the mail, many offer printable coupons as well. Examples of these include:
Also check to see if Groupon is available in your area. Each day a new deal is offered at an incredible discount and many times the offers are for hair salons. I highly recommend signing up for this - I've seen deals up to 90% off! Signing up for Groupon is free.

Other source I've found for local coupons, including haircut coupons, are:
Are there any other sources that you've found for haircut coupons? Share your source in the comments section below and let all us other cheapskates in on the deal.

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