Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's My Kiss Up To Manufacturers for Grocery Coupons Day

Today is my Kiss-Up-To-Manufacturers-For-Grocery-Coupons Day. This is actually a bi-annual event that I take part in, usually in January and June. I'm simply schmoozing product manufacturers in order to get them to send me grocery coupons.

This isn't a national holiday or anything, but it's something you might want to try. This can be a great way to get grocery coupons and free samples.

Here's what I do:
  • Make a list of grocery items and the brands that I buy on a regular basis
  • Go online and look for the official manufacturers website for these products
  • Locate the customer service email address
  • Send an email telling the company how much I love their products and if they could please send me coupons I would appreciate it
  • Enclose my name and mailing address
That's it! Within a few weeks I'll start getting coupons in the mail. I've gotten several high value and free item coupons doing this.

Here is an actual email I sent to Eden Foods last year:

" Hello to all at Eden Foods,

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful organic products. I love your
refried beans and wasabi chips. Unfortunately my budget currently does not allow me to enjoy your products as much as I would like. If you happen to have some coupons or samples you could send my way I would be most appreciative - if not I will still be devoted to your products.

(My name)
(My address)"

They sent me recipe books and twelve coupons for their products. How awesome is that? Not all companies will send you coupons, but it doesn't hurt to try.

So start your own Kiss-Up-To-Manufacturers-For-Grocery-Coupons Day. I totally recommend it!

There are more great ways to find grocery coupons. Read How to Find Grocery Coupons Online and How to Find Free Grocery Coupons which contain tips for finding coupons and links to sources for printable grocery coupons.

photo: am-y, sxc.hu

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