Monday, August 11, 2008

Coupons Of Course

August 11 2008

Yes, coupons are King. Think of them as found money. I don't recommend scouring your local Sunday paper for coupons (for that matter why even waste money on newspapers when you can usually read them online for free). Instead I buy coupons in bulk from . I search for coupons on items I tend to purchase over and over so I know I will really use them. For grocery items I look for coupons with a value of at least $1.00 each and try not to pay more than 20 cents or so per coupon including any shipping costs. (Be sure to pay attention to expiration dates.) Once I get the coupons I check with my local grocery stores to see who has the item cheapest , or even better - on sale - and I stock up. Your really in luck if you have stores that allow double coupon days.

Another way to receive coupons is to write to the companies whose products you use. I send emails (why spend money on stamps?) to the consumer departments of my favorite companies telling them how much I love their products. Of course I mention that if they wanted to send some coupons my way I wouldn't object - I always include my mailing address. More often than not I start receiving coupons in the mail within a few days. I usually receive multiple coupons from each company but I don't recommend that you do this more than once a year.

-Until next time, live cheap and prosper!

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