Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TV For Free

August 19 2008

Trying to cut down on your spending? You could get rid of your cable or satellite service and still enjoy TV. How? By watching Free TV on the internet. I'm not talking about YouTube (although it is pretty entertaining), but 100's of TV shows such as 24, Heros, and Monk as well as classics like Alfred Hitchcock and Charlies Angels. The best part - hardly any commercials! Maybe 20 seconds worth of advertising in a 30 minute show. Plus you can pause, rewind and watch these shows around your own schedule. Here are some of my favorite free online TV sources:

Be sure and search for the "Full Episodes" as some are just clips. For example on Hulu I go to "TV" click on "Alphabetical" and then look for the little TV icon next to the shows since this means it has full episodes.

Also check the websites of your favorite channels to see if they offer free episodes online. For example HGTV offers several shows, currently you can find these under "on TV" and then select "Full Episodes". I also see ABC, NBC and Fox have added free episodes on their websites.

For the Christmas show lovers out there you must check out these links to over 100 free Christmas shows you can watch:

And for those of you not as technologically challenged as myself, I hear you can hook up a s-video cable from your computer to your TV, enabling you to see the picture from your computer on your TV screen.

- I'm off to search out more deals. - Cheap Cindy

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Anonymous said...

try this site.
I can watch international tv for free :)