Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random Acts Of Cheapness

August 17 2008

These are a few cheap tidbits I thought I would jot down in between polishing my pennies.

The search is on:
Before shopping I type in the item I am shopping for along with the word "coupon" into a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo, Msn, etc). Often I can find coupon codes that can be used purchasing the item online or coupons that I can print off and use in a physical store. Another good search word to try is "promo". I also try searching "coupon" & "promo" along with the name of a particular store I am shopping at. For example a search of "Target promo" brings up deals Target is offering such as free shipping, discounts etc. Often these searches will bring you to 3rd party websites advertising these deals. One of the websites I like to use is . Here you'll find coupon codes, comparison tools, weekly ads for stores etc.

Cash backs:
Some websites offer discounts or cash back if you do your shopping through them. I frequently use Ebates, Big Crumbs & Fatwallet . Once you sign up with them (I always use a free hotmail account I've created just in case I get bombarded with spam and advertising) you can search to see what deals are offered. Usually it is a percentage that you get back on your total purchase. The percentage doesn't come to you from the store, but from Ebates, Big Crumbs or Fatwallet. Currently Ebates will send you your cash back in the form of a check or Paypal every three months if you've reached a $5.01 cash back minimum. Otherwise your balance carries over to the next check until you've reached the minimum. I feel if I'm going to buy this stuff anyway I might as well shop through these sites and get a little money back. Read more about cash back programs in my eHow article:How to Make Money With Cash Back Programs Free Online

- more coming soon, Cheap Cindy

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